Augmented reality projectors, the latest Amazon invention

Augmented reality is not something exclusively dedicated to mobile phones or computers. It is true that at present we can only aspire to enjoy this experience with these devices, but the truth is that in the future we hope to see new advances such as what Amazon has in mind. And it is that the firm has a patent in which it will put augmented reality projectors.

A virtual projection system for augmented reality

It is a fact that many users are very excited about the metaverse. The owners of virtual reality glasses have already tried the experience and they only hope that this technology will be democratized so that more and more users live in the virtual world. It is the present, as is augmented reality.

And in this second field Amazon seems to have something to say. We are used to entering the Internet portal under the pretext of finding everything that you cannot find in the stores near you, but now you may have another vision of the firm. It is one of the most important in the technology segment and wants to demonstrate it with its proposal for augmented reality projectors.

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According to the image you post ExtremeTech We can see how the company aims to have a camera system with which a user can interact with augmented reality without having to use a traditional device such as a smartphone. It seems that a system of projectors and cameras will be in charge of generate images both in the virtual world and to interpret the movement of users in the virtual space.

It is a very good idea to bring users a new way of interacting with augmented reality, but this is not the only thing that the firm could be preparing.

You will also have your virtual reality glasses

There are many companies behind a virtual reality project. Some have already taken their own steps, but the most powerful still want to hit the table with an interesting proposal to attract all users. And Amazon also wants part of that very recent cake that is augmented reality with the glasses that it is projecting. We will still have to wait to see the results of their research, but we may be facing one of the great exponents of the market.