Instagram modifies its algorithm to prioritize content creators

Nowadays, if you are a content creator, it is normal to create content on one social network and show it on others. With this you manage to increase the base of potential viewing audience. But when you take something done in one app in another that is a rival, sparks can fly…

For a few years, TikTok has been the star application and the most popular social network without a doubt. And many Tiktokers create content on TikTok and also show it on their Instagram through the Reels feature – you can actually see the TikTok watermark. Therefore, in February 2021 Instagram made changes to its algorithm and publishing guideline to reduce the presence of material made on TikTok.

Changes in the logarithm of Instagram

The social network owned by Meta (former Facebook) hhas announced the change of its algorithm to prioritize the publications of original content creators and give them “all the credit they deserve” on the platform, along with other new features in the labels that will help them gain relevance.

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The boss of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has announced on his Twitter profile that content creators are “so important in the future of Instagram” that your app wants to make sure to give them visibility. Therefore, those who create something “from scratch” instead of sharing what someone else has done will see that content prioritized.

Sections such as ‘Reels’ will show videos that do not contain third-party watermarks first or come from external applications, Does it ring a bell? It is the same thing that he did more than a year ago, no doubt to continue combating the gigantic influence of TikTok.

Mosseri has also recalled other recently implemented measures aimed at promoting original content:

  • Labeling of brands and productswhich can now be used by the entire user base of the app.
  • personal tags so that users of the social network can make themselves known through them. To do so, you will be allowed to edit your account to add categories to it based on your professions and activities. These categories will appear next to the name of the user that has been tagged in a publication to help them gain relevance on the platform, so that characteristics such as ‘photographer’, ‘raper’ or ‘fashion stylist’ will also be indicated next to their name. ‘.
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