Telegram: how to like a message that has been sent to you

You can ‘like’ an Instagram post, a story, a Twitter tweet, a Facebook post. And also to a message on Telegram. Did you know that the second most used messaging application behind WhatsApp allows you to reply with emoji reactions in full chat?

It’s that simple and these are the gestures you can use.

Reply with emojis on Telegram

  1. Open the conversation you want in Telegram
  2. Double tap quickly on a message – it can be from you or from the person you’re talking to. With this you give a Like in the form of a thumbs up.
  3. But you can use more reactions: the trick is to click once on the empty space to the left of the message -if it’s yours- or to the right -if it’s from your contact.
  4. With this you will open a Pop-up menu where you can choose whether to reply with a Like, a Dislike, give it a heart and choose from a variety of emoji reactions
  5. You will also see a list of message options, in case you want to copy it, forward it, quote it, etc.
  6. To quote a message even faster, just tap on it and swipe left
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