Android will remove apps to record calls from the store

Every time you make a call you don’t think that you can record it. This is normal, as you may not need this feature until a certain time. The fact is that there are phones that have this feature integrated as standard in their operating system, while others depend directly on an application that they must download. However, this will no longer be possible very soon on Android as we will soon say goodbye to the apps to record calls in the Google Play Store.

Google will not leave any call recording app in its app store

The Google Play Store has everything you need as a user so that your smartphone works as you want. This means that it has numerous tools that you can use when and where you want in order to give your terminal a new use.

However, soon you won’t find any call recording app in the Google Play Store. This is how they told Reddit the user NLL Apps, who points to As of May 11, there will be no application capable of recording everything that is said in a phone call in an audio file.

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This measure may be somewhat strange, but the truth is that the Mountain View company itself has argued for the decision. During a seminar for developers, there was talk of the arrival of a new policy that “the accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for audio recording of remote calls”.

And it is that privacy is another reason why the company has made this decision. Furthermore, it must be said that This type of program for Android has been highly persecuted, to the point of being deleted directly and without prior notice.

A small ‘but’ to use call recording

The curious thing about all this is that Google will not only eliminate the apps that let you record calls. The other point of its measures is that the operating system will be able to block this type of apps if they are recognized as installed on the terminal, to the point of eliminating them if necessary. As if it were an app that has been detected with a virus.

But there is a fine print in which users of certain phones are exempt. It turns out that the measure does not take into account the fact that there are terminals with this feature installed as standard. These devices correspond to both Google in its Pixel range and Xiaomi.

Is it legal to record a call?

This question has been asked by many users over time and the truth is that taking this measure has its chiaroscuro. At the time we already gave you an answer as to whether or not it was legal to record calls with your mobile and the truth is that there is only one nuance in which it is legal to carry out this practice. Now it will be up to you to hit the button to start recording the conversation.