WhatsApp Business will leave you an account on 10 devices

WhatsApp is for many the default application with which they talk to the people they love the most. But for others, they are interested in using the other version of the application that is WhatsApp Business, which offers a comprehensive solution for businesses. Not only does it let you talk to your customers directly as an additional customer service, it also allows you to make purchases directly. But for the account owners, they will be interested to see that their phone will not be the only one that can be used on this app thanks to the new WhatsApp Business subscription system.

Pay for new features in WhatsApp Business

Many users in their day undertook a mass exodus from the Facebook app, back then, due to the annual payment of the app. Yes, it is true that they were 1.2 euros and that they were charged directly on the monthly bill if it was a contract, but it meant paying for an app that had been offering a free service since almost the beginning of the app.

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The company soon turned the tide on the initiative, but it seems that it hasn’t stopped thinking of a way to earn revenue directly from users. However, as they say in WABetaInfoit will be the entrepreneurs who will have to pay the checkout this time if they want to delegate their WhatsApp Business on up to 10 devices simultaneously.

This can be quite a breakthrough for the company, as it means that one company account can be placed on up to ten devices in total, perfect for keeping the app focused from multiple points and responding to users faster.

Six additional users to answer customers

One of the things you need to know about WhatsApp Business is that you can link up to a total of four devices at the same time for free. This option is intended for companies that need more positions to meet all the demands for orders and information they receive daily and may therefore be more paid.

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The amount of this feature has not yet been announced, but the media indicates that it will be seen very soon in both the iOS and Android versions for those who have the business app.