Android 13 won’t close background apps as soon

Mobile operating systems are designed to work very efficiently. They are becoming more sophisticated and have many features that make them much more powerful. However, they are made to work efficiently, which may mean that users lose some data by closing background apps.

Best used apps on Android 13

One of the things that users suffer and a lot is the loss of data in the background on the smartphone. We explain ourselves: surely on some occasion you have been working from your phone, you have paused what you were doing in one app to move to another and, due to the time that has passed inactive, you have lost the progress you had.

This can happen in any app, from games, word processors, spreadsheets, and everything with a very simple and logical purpose: to save resources and energy. But maybe this year there will finally be a much clearer solution to this situation that Google can place in Android 13.

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Turns out the boys from XDADevelopers have found that a feature called Multi-Generational Least Latest Used (MGLRU). The truth is that if you are a user of Chrome OS You have already had access to this function thanks to the fact that it is within the operating system for computers.

This feature is what gives the operating system the ability to better know which of the applications that the user has in the background can be eliminated.

Goodbye to lost data

As you can see, the arrival of the protocol MGLRU It will be essential for Android users to be able to use their phone with great peace of mind. The best thing about this is that this function can greatly improve the handling of mobile devices. The terminal will take into account if the apps you have in the background are important or frequently used, two important details to decide whether or not to remove them from the background to save energy and resources.

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Of course, it is a matter of time to know if the great G will bring this improvement to Android 13 definitively. In the case of doing so, something that is very likely, we will have to wait for the tests of the operating system to know if it is an efficient system.