Best tablets to watch movies and series

The ways of enjoying leisure times have changed considerably in recent years. The age of the internet means that more time is spent consuming hours of the screen in those moments that are had for rest and fun. In the same way, the systems, resources, media and devices used for these moments in which online film platforms or television series are accessed have also changed. In this sense, tablets become important to consume television and film products more independently

The advantages offered by tablets to consume multimedia products are beyond doubt. Whether due to their portability, low weight and dimensions, as well as the autonomy offered by the latest models, 8 and 9 hours of constant consumption, they are ideal. However, they are not the only advantages. Tablet owners also take into consideration factors such as modern design, constant connectivity, associated products, possible applications, that also function as an e-book or that are immune to viruses.

The only drawback that the consumer of these devices can find is the final decision between so much available offer. In this sense, the struggle that has been established between the Galaxy Tab S7 vs Ipad Pro, two very similar products that strive to position themselves as the most demanded in this market.

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What a tablet should be like to fully enjoy movies and series

More and more users and consumers require a tablet to enjoy audiovisual and multimedia content alone, without having to see what other members of the family choose. For them there is a series of specialized tablets, with exclusive features so that you can enjoy watching a movie or series from the major platforms (Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney +…) Be as complete as possible.

These are the most important characteristics when choosing one of the best tablets on the market for audiovisual consumption.

Screen size

As can be expected, the screen will be the fundamental element to have a good experience in enjoying videos. The most advisable thing is to look for the one that is larger, 9 or 10 inches. Although, to choose this size, it will be necessary to consider its weight so that its portability is not a problem if what you want is to take it and use it outside the home.

The resolution

Regarding the resolution, it should be noted that a single alternative is not valid for all cases. The proper image quality will depend on the subscription you have contracted, that is, if you are a Netflix customer, HBO, or from any of the other audiovisual content platforms available. And it is that the image quality seen in a tablet may be limited. In any case, as a general rule, the ideal is to acquire a HD tablet so that all platforms can offer a good level, although if you can invest a little more, Full HD is perfect for not having problems with any of the options available on the market.

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Another element to keep in mind is that brightness exceeds 200 nits, with the aim of being able to watch movies and series outdoors in broad daylight. Also, the viewing angle should be greater than 120º so that video sessions can be shared.

Hardware, connectivity and other functionalities

Finally, another important factor to assess will be the hardware that it has incorporated and that ensures good operation. To work fluently, experts advise that the tablet have a Octa-core processor and 4 GB of RAM.

In relation to the Wi-Fi connectivity, it should be ensured that it was Dual Band type, which are the ones that give the best performance, since favor data download from internet digital platforms. Secondly, battery should exceed 7,000mAh so that they do not have problems and stay half in a movie. The sound should be stereoEven better with quality-enhancing technologies for headphones.

List of the most recommended tablets to watch movies and series

The spectrum in this regard is quite wide, the manufacturers found here an Achilles heel that they have decided to quickly strengthen. To meet this demand they have started to manufacture tablets specifically to be used for this purpose.

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The most capable of watching movies and series of the main audiovisual platforms of the moment, in addition to those mentioned IPad Pro y Samsun Galaxy Tab S7 of which a fabulous comparison is offered on the website, it is 10 o’clock in the following list.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4″
  2. Lenovo Tab M10 HD
  3. Alcatel 1T Smart 10 2 32GB
  4. Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite
  5. CHUWI Hi9 Air
  6. Teclast Tbook 10 S
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  8. Apple iPad Air
  9. Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab
  10. CHUWI Hi10 XR