Google Wallet could return to Android and this would be its design

Due to the pandemic, many users went from paying in cash to paying with the contactless cards in their wallets. But the other method of payment that has also been imposed has been the payment with the mobile. NFC technology has been the one that has facilitated the use of this function and paIt seems that Google wants to get more out of it with the return of Wallet.

Google Wallet could return to Android

It is a fact that society is centralizing the use of its data in a single point: the smartphone. If you pay something you already do it with your mobile, if you want to use the digital certificate of your DNI you can also read it from the terminal… even open the door of your car if you don’t have the keys in your pocket! Having your DNI in digital format may soon be a reality, but for now it is one of the few things you can keep in your wallet.

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Speaking of handbags, the Mountain View firm stopped using theirs a long time ago and we mean Wallet. The app was postulated as the place to store all your cards in digital format, something that over time became Google Pay. But everything indicates that we will see new functions in the future with a renewed style of the famous application.

In fact, in this tweet you can see how the redesign of the app could be in order to offer more features than ever. And it is that in the Google Play Store you will find hundreds of tools that are capable of storing all your cards, but Google Wallet may be the home solution for all your needs.

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Apparently in the images you can save all kinds of documents and you will obtain the validity of from payment cards, through gift cards and even transport. This would include boarding passes for your next flights, so it would be very useful for most travelers who do not want to print their boarding passes.

A Google Pay tool?

This is what they say in TrustedReview. The medium points out that the revision of Google Wallet will not be so much the return of the application as a function incorporated within Google Pay. It would not be unreasonable to think of this, since the firm itself would have to change the name of its application to one that it already had in its day.

The design that is shown is much cleaner and more modern, according to the tools that the company has on the market, but what remains to be known is this point that we were commenting on now. We will have to wait to know those important plans that Mountain View has up its sleeve.

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