Tinder relaunches Festival Mode in its app

For many singles, the pandemic has hit their love life very hard. And it is that staying at home you can have few appointments beyond chatting with someone. You can’t invite anyone out for a walk, or to dinner, or home… come on, it’s been a complete disappointment. But it seems that the restrictions are less and less and it is the moment in which the massive parties return. That’s why youinder relaunches Festival Mode in the app.

Festival Mode is coming to Tinder

Festivals are a good place for all music lovers to meet. There are many groups that come to show their latest works to the public and recover those that have been a popular success. But the public is not only going to have a good time watching their favorite artists live, there are also some who are going to flirt.

And it is the best place to find someone who, at least, has the same musical tastes as you. That’s what Tinder is for, to help find all those who are looking for a partner anywhere. The app is becoming more specific and all thanks to the Explore function and the different variants you have to choose from.

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Among all of them you will soon find the Festival Mode feature, dedicated exclusively to all those who are sure that they are going to go to a festival. And it is that those who go to one of the events recognized by the app can indicate it in order to coincide with other people who also attend a month in advance.

The rest is already up to the users since, taking the words of the saying, ‘God raises them and Tinder brings them together’. If you’re lucky, who knows, maybe you’ll meet more than just a partner from festivals you go to all over the world.

Sonar is included in the festival mode

One thing you need to know is that Tinder Festival Mode is available in 20 events across the globe. If you don’t plan to travel, don’t worry as the Sónar is within the musical events highlighted by the Festival Mode. Among those that can catch you a little closer are those from France: the Lollapalooza Paris y We Love Green Festival.