Instagram already lets you create donations in the Reels

Internet users are enthusiastic about using their smartphones to deal with all the challenges that exist in social networks. The best way to document it is through a video that they later post on social networks and, with a bit of luck, can go viral. But some make these videos for a charitable purpose, such as a Reel with the new fundraising function.

A new function arrives with which you can create solidarity Reels

For a few years, Internet users have taken the initiative to use charitable functions in favor of a noble cause. Some like Facebook or Instagram have been the platforms chosen to carry out this type of performance and the truth is that they have been well received.

However, in the second, a way is always sought to provide all the possible tools for users to get the most out of the application. This means that all the functions of one part of the program can also be applied to other functions, such as Stories to Reels.

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And it is in this case where we have to talk about the integration of donations to the Reels. According to what counts 9to5Mac this function arrives on the occasion of Earth Day and It will allow its users to mark a Reel as a point where the rest of the users will be able to contribute their grain of sand to the cause that the author chooses.

Facebook takes a part if the collection is its own

It is a fact that the users of the Meta application are also participants in many initiatives that make others move or support them. But as is logical, those of Menlo Park take a part of what is collected as taxes as long as they meet one condition: that the collection is personal. For the rest of causes that support an NGO or similar, this tax disappears and the amount remains full for the cause to support.