This is how Ricky Martin reacted to the tribute Karol G paid him

On the first weekend of Coachella 2022, Carol G performed an incredible tribute to Latin music. The Colombian has been preparing for that big night for a long time and everything really turned out as she expected. “6 months of work went away in 5 minutes but it was more incredibleeeee than I imagined one day” she expressed in her networks.

Last April 17, Carol performed hits by the legendary Selena, Ricky Martin, Celia Cruz, Daddy Yankee, Shakira, Luis Fonsi and even J Balvin. Latino pride was even felt through the festival’s live broadcast, and videos of each song went viral on social media.

“Proud of you Carol G at Coachella. Thanks for the love. Congratulations and keep flying high”, wrote Shakira to the native of Medellin, who lovingly interpreted “Hips Don’t Lie”. But the one who also dedicated an emotional message to her was Ricky Martinwith whom he met last year at the Premios Juventud.

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“That successes signify and that you continue to shine like the star that you are. A lot of light for you, a lot of health and that you are always surrounded by love. What a detailed friend” were the sincere words of the Puerto Rican, with whom he has an excellent relationship. Who did not miss out on dedicating nice words to him was his friend, colleague and compatriot of his: J Balvin. “Caroline Giraldorecently, we talked about how everything can change and the turns of life, “he began by saying.

“I had to see you at fifteen-year-old parties, singing together, schools, discos, looking for opportunities that, in the long run, seemed that the path was getting darker every day. Escaping from the game and the music industry was a possibility, however, YOU DID NOT GET AWAY, YOU FIGHTED, LISTENED AND FOUND the path of your light, light that no one gave you, everything was done freehand. For me, honors are done in life, why later? It is not difficult for me to tell people how great they are and how much they have impacted. You empowered women, the LGBT community loves you, and the world respects you. Thank you for making your own legacy that WILL NEVER BE ERASED IN HISTORY. Love you. José. Thank you, thank you, thank you” was the tender and extensive message from the Colombian to Carol G.

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