Gers: Faced with an engine failure, an Air Force aerobatic champion lands in a field

Acrobatics, that knows him. Pilot of the French Air Force and Space aerobatic team, reigning French champion and former world champion in the discipline, the captain
Alexandre Orlowski had to face an imposed figure this Sunday morning. While joining Biarritz to Salon-de-Provence with his mechanic, the extra 330 two-seater plane he was piloting had an engine failure shortly after 10 hours while flying over the Gers.

This former Mirage 2000 pilot managed to make an emergency landing by landing in a field, not far from Mirande. Thanks to his mastery, neither of the two occupants of the plane was injured, only the landing gear was damaged according to a statement from the Air and Space Army.

Opening of an investigation

However, the maneuver turned out to be particularly delicate because it was necessary to quickly find a place to land the device. “The pilot managed to find one which was the right size, a little bit of slope too and he landed at the limits of the plane, that is to say those of” he flies or he falls ” “, Explained to AFP the head of the Information Service of the army, Colonel Stéphane Spet.

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An investigation was opened and carried out by the Accident Investigation Bureau for the Safety of State Aeronautics to find out the reasons for this failure.