The hard moment of health that the “unrecognized son” of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez is going through

The family of the Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez it is not simple at all. The relationships between the members are complicated and every time they appear in public or on social media it is to send each other hints or start some kind of fight. Currently the eldest daughters of the artist, Liliana and Lilibeth do not have a dialogue with their father because of their younger stepsister, Genesis, who is the daughter of Carolina Pérez, the current partner of Puma.

But in addition, the Puma has an unrecognized son who calls himself on social networks, ‘The Cougar Junior’. Although the singer has denied it on more than one occasion, they have an enormous resemblance and both his older stepsisters and Puma’s ex-wife, Lila Morillo, do have a cordial relationship with him.

The truth is that this week, the Cougar Junior surprised everyone on social networks by sharing a publication made by Lila Morillo in which she is happy because the man came out of a delicate heart operation in good health, of which no one was aware.

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“These photos are the Testimony of the Miracle that JESUS ​​THE CHRIST OF GLORY did, in the Life of Puma Juniors. He tells me to have left his body, while they intervened! And that a Celestial being was in front of Him and He said, YOU WILL BE FINE!! Then he came back to the Body!!! HALLELUJAAAAA!! Today he testifies with the Photos, recognizing Jesus, AS HIS LORD AND SAVIOR of him!! Juan José, El Pumita Juniors, will personally tell why he’s still ALIVE! CHRIST LIVES!! AND I LOVE YOU!! Glory TO GOD!” wrote Lila Morillo.

This news that was replicated by the same Cougar Junior on his Instagram profile he left his fans with their mouths open. So far there are no further details about the condition suffered by the artist, who is a singer like his father, and for which he had to undergo surgery.

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