Twitter will save the tweets you edit

For years there has been a lot of controversy over what seemed like the imminent arrival of an edit button on Twitter. Many were already on the warpath when deleting public messages was allowed, but the reality is that with the new function we will even have a way to keep the original messages. And it is that everything points to Twitter will save the tweets you edit.

If you edit a tweet, the previous one is not deleted.

To err is human, everyone knows that. A person can always make one or several mistakes and it is up to him to correct them. But it is necessary to emphasize that not all the failures we are talking about are in the acts, but also in the words that a person can say or write.

We have seen this a lot in this profession, but when it comes to the Internet, anyone can have a spelling mistake or even want to go back to correct something they have posted on social networks. And this is where Twitter is about to take an important step, and not only because Elon Musk has given the bell with that message after the purchase of 9% of Twitter.

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The firm already confirmed it in its day that it would bring a button to edit the messages, but there are still many tests that are being done in order to make this tool work perfectly. He has already shown us how it works on occasion, and everything indicates that the signature itself will save the messages you edit.

Specifically, the way it will work is to generate a new message that will link directly to the original message. That is, no matter how much you edit a message, the original will still exist. This means that no one will be able to skip the fact of having posted a message and that it is not known what was posted at the beginning.

But can the original tweet be deleted?

This is the great doubt that raises us the new history of edited tweets. The logical thing would be that nobody had access to this feature once the changes were made so that they would be recorded in the future. In this way, many could avoid changing positions of thought at will or denying the publication of something. At the moment, what seems clear is that there will be no time limit to change a message for what they count in AndroidPolice.

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