Telegram will let you choose the sound of notifications in its new update

Telegram continues to provide users with more features that improve the service in their application. There are many good qualities that it offers both users and companies and it will continue to do so in order to continue dueling against WhatsApp as evidenced by update after update. In the last of all promises, among other things, that you can Change the sound of notifications to the one you want.

New sounds in Telegram notifications

The customization section of an application is essential for all users to exploit it at will. And it is that for each one it is important to feel comfortable with the tools that he has at hand. That’s why many look forward to having capabilities at hand to ‘cast’ each feature to their liking.

In this case, it is time to talk about a long-awaited feature by users, such as the ability to choose the sound of notifications in its new update. From now on it will be much easier to give a user a personal sound if you go to Settings> Notifications and sound or to the sound section of each user. From here you can upload your own files as long as they comply with two conditions that are that they do not last more than five seconds or weigh less than 300 KB.

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Following the sound section, you can also silence a user for a certain time. This can last from a few hours to months, something that can be very hard in the case of the highest duration. As far as the multimedia section is concerned, you can finally watch a video that a user has sent you in Picture in Picture mode, so you can follow the conversation while watching the video.

More options for bots

One of the great claims of Telegram are the robots. These little pieces of code make a group much more dynamic, fun, and even neat. It is in this section where we find new features such as running games or even including a completely secure payment gateway.

But it is also important to maintain the privacy of each robot and that is why Telegram has improved the section of each robot so that in each chat it has one or another privilege in order to avoid obtaining data that may be sensitive.

To all this is also added a new improved translation for messages received by iOS users as well as new animated icons.