GMail won’t send you notifications outside office hours on iOS

GMail is one of the applications that no Android user is missing, but many iOS users are not without it either. It is one of the tools that you need to use Google services, so it is very likely that you have one. The problem comes when GMail followsViewing incoming messages when you enter focus mode on your iOS device.

Finally, focus mode works with GMail.

In recent years, app developers have been very clear about the fact that users need to separate their work life from their personal life. This means that the mobile phone must be put aside to guarantee the well-being of people and that they are not aware of what happens in the office when they are away from it.

That’s why there are different features on modern phones that block notifications from different apps or only ‘let some through’. This is the case of the focus mode that once activated you can forget that you have the phone near you because it will block different features in order not to receive any news from the most harassing apps.

Nevertheless, iOS users suffered from a serious problem in which they saw how their terminals kept sending updates of what arrived in the users’ inboxes. The problem has persisted until today, when the Mountain Viw firm has finally settled the matter.

As the company itself says, “You can now specify which Google Chat and Gmail contacts you still want to receive notifications from when your iOS device is in Focus mode. This is useful in situations where you need to limit screen time, but don’t want to miss an important message when other notifications are muted.

In this way, iOS users can not worry about what happens in Gmail, as happens with other applications every time the mobile enters focus mode. It is a matter of time before the company releases its update with which this error is corrected, so cumbersome that it could only be solved in a bad way by silencing the phone for as long as the user estimated.

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