Tesla no longer gives away the charger when buying the car to charge it at home, you pay for it separately

Before, you bought an electronic device with a battery and the charger came in the box. A few years ago, Nintendo stopped including the charger in its 3DS and sold it separately. And today there are several mobile brands that do not include the charger either -Apple in its iPhone, Samsung with its Galaxy S-, with the excuse that the one you have at home from a previous model is worth it. But the bottom line is that even Tesla doesn’t give them anymore.

Tesla car charger

There are three fWays to charge a Tesla car:

  • Using a Supercharger which are the mini-charging stations that the brand has distributed -30,000 superchargers around the world
  • Through the Tesla Wall Connector, that provides a full charge without having to leave home and is easily installed in all types of homes for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Using the Mobile Connector Kit, a kit that allows you to connect your Tesla car charger to a 110-volt household outlet.
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When you go to buy a Tesla, lThe first thing the brand advises is that you install the Wall Connector while you wait for the car, not when you receive it. Tesla used to include a charging cable with a NEMA 14-50 plug (level 2) and a plug for a regular power outlet (level 1). Later, the automaker decided to remove the NEMA 14-50 plug from the included package and only included the NEMA 5-15 adapter, which is for a regular power outlet. Level 2 connector can be purchased separately.

With a maximum power of 1.3kW, the included connector allowed charging speeds of between 3 and 5 kilometers of autonomy per hour. It’s not much, but it’s still better than nothing and suitable for overnight charging if you don’t have the Wall Charger. But now Tesla has gone a step further and has decided not include any charging cables with your new vehicles.

no one uses it

Elon Musk, CEO of the company, noted on Twitter what Tesla believes that usage among owners was too low to justify supplying the cable with every new car delivery.: “The usage stats were super low, so it seemed wasteful. On the (minor) positive side, we are going to include more plug adapters with the mobile connector kit.”

In addition, although most users do not use mobile cables frequently, could be very useful to have them in the car in the worst case or at the beginning of the ownership experience before being able to install a charging station at home. So if you buy a new Tesla, you will have to pay 200 dollars separately for buy this mobile charging kit.

And $200 now, because Musk himself has announced a 75$ reduction in the price of the charger – yes, before it was worth 275 dollars. A reduction motivated by user criticism of the announcement of not supplying the charging kit with each new Tesla, which are not exactly cheap cars.