Ángela Aguilar: the scandals she has starred in so far in 2022

Angela Aguilar a space has been made in the regional mexican music and in the Aztec show based on a lot of work and talent, but as usually happens with all celebrities, the dark facets are an aspect that the specialized press and the fans of the singer-songwriters hardly overlook. 2020 began moved for the cocky of Pepe Aguilar and we will review the incidents in which he has been the protagonist.

The interpreter of the album “Mexicana Enamorada” has had exponential growth since her artistic debut in 2012, when she was just 9 years old, when she released the album “Nueva Tradición”, together with her brother Leonardo, on a family album. Angela sang four songs from that album. The following year, she began producing her first solo album, “Navidad con Ángela Aguilar”.

From then on, his media exposure has been on the rise. In 2018 she released the album “Primera soy mexicana”, for which she was nominated for two Latin Grammys in 2018 -for Best Mariachi Album and Best New Artist- and a Grammy in 2019 -for Best Regional Mexican Album-. At the same time, the rain of concerts and presentations continued to fall.

In 2020 she produced two EPs, “Baila esta cumbia” and “Que no se apague la Música”, successes that positioned her even more, and at only 17 years old. In September 2021, she launches “Mexicana Enamorada” and establishes herself as one of the young performers with the greatest projection in the medium. A month later, she would just come of age, and with her would come her first off-stage ‘shows’.

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It has been the most commented episode: images of Gussy Lau and Ángela Aguilar in affectionate attitudes were leaked on social networks. Given the evidence, both came out to confirm that they were in a relationship, although they stated that they felt upset and hurt by the invasion of privacy. If you want to find out who leaked the photos of the two artists, ENTER HERE.

Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau confirmed their courtship a few days after these photos were leaked.  (Photo: Venomous Queen / Twitter)
Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau confirmed their courtship a few days after these photos were leaked. (Photo: Venomous Queen / Twitter)

After what happened, Ángela traveled with her entire family, including Pepe Aguilar, to spend a vacation in France. There the entire Aguilar clan used their social networks to express that they were having a great time and that they did not pay attention to the gossip that there was in Mexico after the relationship of the youngest of the family with Lau was made official.

However, the age difference -Gussy Lau is 33 years old and Ángela Aguilar 18- is a topic that continues to be talked about, as it has been speculated that the composer betrayed Pepe Aguilar’s trust. To know if this is true or not, CLICK HERE.


Another awkward moment for the Aguilar Dynasty and especially for Ángela was when they were recorded leaving a building and an employee kindly opened the door for them. The singer, who was the first to leave it with her dog “Gordo” -Pepe Aguilar did steps further back-, did not thank the employee for the gesture and, on the contrary, she looked the other way. The fact went viral and the criticism did not take long. Days later she clarified what happened. What did she say? ENTER HERE to meet him.


In one of the recitals she offered this year as part of her “Mexicana in love” tour, the interpreter of “La Chancla” suffered a mishap. When she went on stage, the long tulle skirt that she was wearing fell off, fortunately under it she had another suit, although the artist’s reaction to what happened was something that was also commented on networks. To see your reaction ENTER HERE.

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