A minister advises Germans to shower less to consume less gas (and Bild explains that the body “self-cleans” with bacteria)

Given the foreseeable restrictions on the supply of Russian gas, the German Minister of Economy and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck, called on his compatriots to shower fewer times a week in order to save energy resources in heating water, pick up Bild.

Most homes in Germany have gas heating and, consequently, have gas water heaters, a hydrocarbon imported mostly from Russia. Currently, Berlin is considering the possibility of sanctioning Russian gas to reduce its dependence on the energy supplies it buys from Moscow, for which the Germans will possibly be forced to reduce their consumption.

The politician also pointed out that Germany has stored gas reserves, which can be used if Russia suspends its supplies to the country or if the European Union decides to impose new sanctions against the Kremlin. However, these savings only will last until fallHabeck warned.

Despite growing concerns about energy shortages, Bild stressed that by showering less, Germans will not only be able to save natural resources but also take care of their skin.

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The medium explains, quoting a dermatologist, that the bacteria themselves begin to eat the acids that give off the bad smell if one has not bathed for a long time. In this way, the “self-cleaning process” starts, allowing you to simply pour water over the body without using the soap. In the event that this method does not seem very comfortable, only the feet, armpits, buttocks and groin can be lathered, advises the newspaper.

In the midst of the energy crisis that the European country is going through, Habeck has repeatedly advocated in favor of saving energy, well closing the curtains from homes at night, commuting by bike and train instead of using cars, as well as “controlling” the bathing process. For his part, the German Minister of Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, called on his fellow citizens to eat less meatwhich, according to what he declared, “would be a contribution against [Vladímir] Putin”.

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