Daughter of Carlos ‘Tomate’ Barraza reveals what requirements her father’s new partner should have

Carlos ‘Tomato’ Barraza and his daughter Gaela opened the doors of their home for the cameras of the Saturday program “You are in all”, where they talked about their relationship as father and daughter.

In a conversation with a reporter, the eldest daughter of the radio host pointed out that her father is prohibited from starting a new romantic relationship after his bad experiences in love.

“I already warned him and I have taken care of him many times, but he doesn’t listen to me. I am his professional psychologist and I will not let him (have a relationship) until she dies ”expressed the young model between laughs.

At another time, Gaela Barraza was encouraged to say what would be the requirements that the woman who conquers her father’s heart must have.

“I just want them to make my dad happy and not hurt him because if I don’t I’ll kill her”warned the winner of Miss Peru La Pre.

Gaela Barraza follows in her parents’ footsteps and is making her way in the art world with her admirable beauty and charisma.

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Tomato to Gaela