This app will help you prolong the life of your Mac’s battery

MacBooks are great machines that deliver great performance wherever you go. Yes, it is true that when they do not lack energy they display all their power, and when the battery is draining, surely as a user you want to take care of it as much as possible. If this is your case, maybe the following application helps you extend the battery life of your MacBook.

Aldente, a free app to preserve the battery of your Apple laptop

One of the things that all users of a mobile device look for is that it last as long as possible while it is not connected to the power. This is influenced by the capacity and characteristics of each and every one of the installed batteries, a part of the hardware that you can no longer remove from your device.

The case of the MacBook is no exception, and has been that way since its inception. So, as a user, you only have to ensure that it does not degrade too much and that it does not receive exhaustive use either. For that, the best thing is that you are aware that the battery does not exceed 60-70% of maximum charge much nor does it drop much below 20%.

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As this is a task that will probably cost you to take into account, it is best to have the support of AlDente. Yes, its name is reminiscent of how it is called the point of the pasta in which it is neither very weak nor very hard. Come on, on point. But in this case it is a free application that you can download for your MacBook that will help you take care of the battery.

The free version is very interesting because not only will it have a load limiter when you keep it plugged in, it also has a function with which it is possible to depend exclusively on the battery even when the computer is plugged in. As you can see, you will have many options with which to control the battery of your MacBook with a single click.

A very complete professional version

The free version of AlDente It is very interesting, but if you opt for the paid version you will have other options. Among them is a battery gauge or heat limiter which will regulate the charging power when it reaches a temperature that could damage the battery.

It also has a function called right click with which it will be much easier for you to change the moment in which you charge and discharge the battery beyond the limit you have.