The story of Immanuel Mitchell, the limbless rapper who brings a positive message to people

The physical disability that some people suffer from is not an impediment to fulfilling their dreams. This is the case of Immanuel Mitchel, who was born without limbs, but became a rapper and today brings a positive message to his followers of the social media. Meet the history of “Gifted Hands”, or “Gifted Hands”, as the community knows it.

Immanuel Mitchell is originally from Virginia Beach, United States, and is currently 27 years old. The young man was born with a physical disability that affected his upper limbs: his right arm is short and his left arm is missing.

Mitchell, however, overcame problems and found “salvation” in music and God, he said in an interview with 13 News Now. In this way, he soon became a rapper and called himself “Gifted Hands”.

I can reach out and lift people’s spirits with my ‘gifted hands’ even though I don’t have hands,” Mitchell said. “Life is not about what you have or don’t have, but about what you can give”, stated for 13 News Now.

@imgiftedhands That time I forgot the lyrics. lol. #InhaleExhaleInhaleExcel #GiftedHands ♬ original sound – Gifted Hands

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Through rap, Immanuel Mitchell has been providing positive messages to people and one of his songs entitled “Why not start” became viral on TikTok: it exceeded one million views and has more than 9 thousand comments from affected users.

@imgiftedhands If I wasn’t so solid then I would melt in the rain!! #ismile #ihurttoo #selfmedicate #letsgoviral #inhaleexhaleinhaleexcel ♬ original sound – Gifted Hands

Goosebumps. She needed to hear this. Whatever you do, my brother, please keep it up. Some of us need this. Thanks and blessings”wrote one user.

This month, “Manos Endowed” will be presented on April 23 and 24 at the Unity Festival in Portsmouth, where it will share the stage with famous artists of the genre.

Immanuel Mitchel’s music is available on Spotify.