What is the glass of water challenge? The latest trend sweeping TikTok

Some viral challenges in TikTok they get out of control and put the integrity of the person at risk, but others can be very funny and pleasant. Well, this time we bring you all the information about the latest trend that is succeeding in the social media. We refer to the “Water Cup Challenge” (“Challenge of the glass of water” in Spanish).

The “glass of water challenge” appeared on the Asian platform in 2021, but only recently became popular among users, after the athlete JuJu Smith-Schuster (@juju) got more than 8 million views in his attempt to overcome the curious challenge.

@thefbhouse WATER CUP CHALLENGE 😈🏈 @juju @realdockery @ajgreene15 @jobdockery #football #nfl #SmellLikeIrishSpring ♬ Rackz got më – Yeat

In “Water Cup Challenge”participants They fill a clear plastic cup with water. The object of the game is that each contestant adds a drop of liquid to the container without it overflowing. According to the rules, first one to make it spill loses and is thrown into a pool.

Following that line, the new trend seems easy. However, participants must put their physical and mental skills to work so that the water can hold in the glass for a while. The challenge has many similarities with the board game devised by the British Leslie Scott. Given this, the users baptized the challenge of the glass of water as the “new jenga”.

@katiefeeneyy watch till the end😂😂 #watercupchallenge ♬ original sound – Katie Feeney

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Faced with the furor generated by the challenge, Wolverhampton Wanderers, a soccer team that plays in the First Division of England, joined the ‘fever’ and several players from the squad tried the challenge. Everything was recorded on a video, which the institution itself shared through its official website. YouTube.

As detailed Newsweekthe challenge is perfect for the little ones in the house, because it represents a great practice to improve children’s concentration skills. Therefore, more than one person ensures that the “Water Cup Challenge” makes a difference with the other trends.

A viral challenge is an entertainment option that consists of making decisions or searching for an object in an image. Some have a time limit and some do not.