“Twilight”: what Robert Pattinson had to do to get the role of Edward Cullen

After having spent five films and 14 years since the first one was released, it is very difficult to imagine an actor who is not Robert Pattinson as the person in charge of bringing Edward Cullen to life in Twilightbut this could have been a fact, since it was very difficult for the Englishman to become the chosen one after a hard casting of many stages.

He not only had to convince the director Catherine Hardwicke and the audition team, he also had to charm the directors and producers of the saga because at that time Pattinson did not have as attractive an appearance as was sought and, worst of all, he had a career that was just beginning and he lacked fame .

In addition, he had to make many sacrifices to be in the castings and to persuade all the evaluators. Finally, every effort paid off for him and he got the role that launched him to world stardom, earning millions of fans everywhere.

However, everything did not stop there, as fans of the original book harshly criticized the project and the young actor, who was beginning to feel the blow of the comments, fell into a slight depression. And it is that many did not agree that someone moderately inexperienced makes the main character.

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Luckily for all, the interpretation of Edward Cullen it was a success and Robert Pattinson He fulfilled all the expectations and trust that was placed in him at the beginning of the ambitious project.

Robert Pattinson rose to fame with the role of Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" saga (Photo: IMDB)
Robert Pattinson rose to fame with the role of Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga (Photo: IMDB)


In an interview for “The Twilight Effect”, Director Catherine Hardwicke recognized that there were several young actors as candidates to win the main character of the film, but Robert Pattinson was the one who drew the most attention for his unusual attractiveness, mainly because of his cheekbones.

However, at that time, the young man who became a vampire in fiction was not as presentable as he is now, as he appeared at one of the auditions wearing a black-dyed polo shirt, a stained shirt and black hair due to a job. earlier that he had done.

Also, he was a bit overweight because in the last two months he had been consuming some alcoholic beverages, so all that was a big problem when choosing the main character.

To this we must add that, when there were only four applicants left, Pattinson took money out of his pocket to travel to California and audition with Kristen Stewart.

Despite all the complications that there were at the time, the production of the film opted for him, he got in shape and the rest is history.


Robert Pattinson told some time ago that after the last installment of Twilightdecided to cut his hair and prepare for his next projects, however, he was asked to re-shoot a few more scenes for the movie.

The same actor declared what he had to do, in order to play his role as Edward Cullen again: “For the first time in my life I had to wear a wig.”

His co-star, Taylor Lautnerhe was also surprised because it wasn’t just a wig: it had amalgamations of different wigs, and he felt like a monster, even if the viewers didn’t notice it.