The number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 continues to decline in the world

The number of new confirmed cases and deaths caused by COVID-19 continued to decline in the world in the last week, according to data published today in the epidemiological report of the World Health Organization.

This is the third consecutive week in which both indicators have decreased at a rate, in the last seven days, of 24% and 18%, respectively.

The global total for the past week has been 7 million new cases of COVID-19 and an additional 22,000 deaths, with declines seen in all regions.

In this way, the total number of people infected since the pandemic began and who underwent a diagnostic test rises to 496 million, while deaths reach 6 million globally.

The WHO insisted, in its epidemiological report this Wednesday (04.13.2022), that these positive trends should be interpreted with caution, because many countries are changing their testing strategy and these have decreased considerably, which leads to detect fewer cases than the real ones.

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Over the past week, the United States reported the highest number of deaths (3,682), followed by Korea (2,186), Russia (2,008), Germany (1,686), and Brazil (1,120).

Europe and the Western Pacific region, which includes China, saw the largest declines in cases, both 26%.

Africa was the continent with the steepest decline in new deaths (-40%).

In the same epidemiological report, the WHO indicated that it continues to monitor several subvariants of the omicron variant, which represents 99.2% of all genetic sequencing carried out in the world.

Scientists are thus following the evolution of the subvariants BA.1, BA2, BA3, as well as the more recent BA.4 and BA.5, as well as the recombined form of BA.1 and BA.2, in order to determine its characteristics and understand its possible impact on public health.

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