Kingdom Hearts 4 will take time to respawn; there will be no news in the short term

We will not have new information Kingdom Hearts 4 in the next dates. With a period like the one to come, characterized by events, broadcasts and fairs such as the Summer Game Fest or Gamescom (E3 will not take place in 2022), fans of the popular Square Enix series are wondering if it is plausible to think in a new trailer or details of the beginning of this new story arc, the arc of the lost teacher. However, its manager Tetsuya Nomurahas made things clear: the news will come “at a much later date”.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in the early stages of development

In a question and answer session during the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary celebration event in Japan, Nomura answered a multitude of questions from die-hard fans of Sora and company. When asked about an estimated deadline to have fresh information on Kingdom Hearts 4 again, the manager’s words have been very clear: “long after the E3 period”, which is always celebrated during the month of June.

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It was during that question and answer meeting where it was explained why they have changed the game’s logo, which now adopts a new font, as well as that the footage seen was running in Unreal Engine 4, but it will be developed under the powerful and newly released graphics engine Unreal Engine 5.

Silence to prevent leaks; same philosophy as Naoki Yoshida with Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI and Kingdom Hearts 4 are the two new installments of two of Square Enix’s most important intellectual properties. Aware of how harmful leaks can be for this type of project, the reason for this prolonged silence for Kingdom Hearts 4 It is precisely that avoid leaks and formally advanced information in the officer.

Naoki Yoshida, the person in charge of Final Fantasy XVI, explained last year that he wants to avoid showing anything new from the game until he is satisfied with the result. He wants expectations to be realistic, not based on unfinished or poor quality materials.

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Kingdom Hearts It is in the early stages of its development. The game has no release date or platforms announced. will start the lost master arca new epic narrative plot.

Source | GamesRadar