Ricardo Salinas Pliego threatens to sue David Faitelson for accusation

Salinas Pliego published a fraction of the interview with The Golden Scorpion on his Twitter account and denied it. “I’m sure David Faitelson was joking with the Golden Scorpion. I’m going to wait for his public apology for inventing something so absurd, saying that I PERSONALLY told him all that, it seems like bullshit to me. David VOLUNTARILY resigned when José Ramón left,” he posted. businessman.

“How do you see, David, do you dare to tell me to my face and show it to me, or was it just a joke between the Golden Scorpion and you, or maybe you were drunk… or what happened? How would a lawsuit for defamation fall?”, he wrote Salinas Pliego in another tweet.

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The sports journalist worked at TV Azteca for several years, but in 2006, together with José Ramón Fernández, he resigned from the television station, a reason that Salinas Piego said he knew. “I’m almost sure that I DO know the reasons why you resigned, but out of personal gratitude… I’m going to keep them to myself (and because they say they include your wife). A hug and I’ll wait for you here, tell me how you want to do,” concluded Salinas.