Fernanda Castillo is honest about her body insecurities

Yordi Rosado the Mexican recalled that Fernanda starred in 2019, in which she played a pastry chef who, on her way to her wedding, seeks to lose weight, but this turns out to be a torment, but she finally learns to love herself as she is.

Fernando Castillo
Fernanda Castillo prepares her return to the theater

For that character, the actress had to gain 12 kilos, which she gained in just 3 months. As he said, his only preparation was to eat everything he found and although at first he really wanted to make the film to break with the idea that he could be successful without having a statuesque body, in the end it ended up being a difficult experience.

“That amount of sugar and that amount of fat and that amount of carbohydrates made me brutally depressed,” he said, in addition, it took about a year to return to his previous weight.

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