The strict rules that the nannies of the British royal family must follow

The nannies of the royalty They are in charge of taking care of the little ones. British royal family who will be future kings or princes, for which their work is of vital importance and requires all possible care. Their responsibility is so great and one of the biggest secrets is that their choice is not like that of one more position, but that there is a school where they are trained.

It is not a typical job. Their job of taking care of the children is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, since must always be available for any need of the minor. In addition to taking care of them, they also take care of their food and entertain them, creating interactive games.

Some rules vary by royal house, but they usually live in the palace with them and accompany the royal family on all trips so that parents can do their official duties. Their work is not easy at all and since they have little free time they usually quit after a short time.

Among the requirements for the position are: to be in good physical condition, to know languages ​​for children to learn, to know self-defense and/or military training, to have a driver’s license, they cannot talk to the press or have social networks and maintain her role as a “helper” and not as a mother.

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María Teresa Turrión Borrallo is in charge of caring for the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  (Photo: AFP)
María Teresa Turrión Borrallo is in charge of caring for the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (Photo: AFP)

What are British royal nannies like?

The Spanish María Teresa Turrión Borrallo was hired by Catherine of Cambridge and Prince William in 2014 and she is the only babysitter they have. When he started working with the Cambridges, Prince George was just 8 months old and was later joined by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Turrión Borallo studied at Norland College, an institution that provides a Bachelor of Development and Learning of the early years, as well as the Norland diploma and is based in the city of Bath. It was there that the royals they began their search for someone to help take care of their children.

Women who study at Norland College are prepared to work with elite families and even the singer Mick Jagger found a nanny for his daughter there. Going to study is not easy at all and all are subjected to rigorous testing to check that they have mental and physical capacity.

Nougat Borallo speaks six languagesan important knowledge due to the number of countries Catalina and Guillermo visit, and he is always seen at royal events wearing his typical uniform: brown hat, knee-length dress and white gloves.

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