The novelty that comes to YouTube iOS: PiP mode for iOS 15 users

Called Picture in Picturethe function of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) allows you to play YouTube videos while using other applications on your mobile device. The PiP reduces the video to a small player that you can move around the home screen and place on top of other applications. If this feature is enabled, you can continue playing YouTube videos while using other apps on your mobile device.

Finally on iOS?

Available on Android since 2018, iPhone and iPad users will finally be able to enjoy PiP on their terminals, allowing them to continue consuming content in the background while doing something else. This is different from the previous minimizing feature, where users could make their current video play on a smaller screen, but required continuing to navigate within the YouTube app, without being able to exit it.

First announced for iOS in June 2021, the beta period was supposed to end for Premium users on October 31. It was then extended, according to the YouTube experiments website, until April 8. And just yesterday the 10th, a user posted on Twitter I was having trouble accessing the experimental feature.

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YouTube’s response on Twitter indicates that it’s coming to its regular YouTube service and that soon, all subscribers (premium and non-premium) will finally be able to access the feature, which is “a matter of a few days” so it seems that the wait is finally coming to an end.