Ukrainian troops denounce Russian chemical attack in Mariupol

The alleged attack, carried out by a drone, caused respiratory and neurological problems among the victims, the military said. UK investigating reports from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Azov Regiment denounced this Monday (11.04.2022) that Russian forces used chemical weapons in the besieged port city of Mariupol, where the victims were experiencing breathing difficulties and movement disorders, the dpa agency reported.

An unknown substance was dropped from a drone over the city, the regiment said Monday night via its Telegram account.

Ukrainian public television Suspilne reported that there was no immediate confirmation from official bodies.

Meanwhile, the UK said it was trying to verify reports that Russia had used chemical weapons in the besieged Ukrainian port city.

“Reports that Russian forces may have used chemical agents in an attack on the population of Mariupol. We are urgently working with partners to verify details,” British Foreign Secretary Lizz Truss said.

“Any use of this weaponry is a cruel escalation in this conflict and we will hold Putin and his regime to account,” he added.

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Ukrainian deputy Ivanna Klympush said Russia had used an “unknown substance” in Mariupol and that the population was suffering from respiratory failure. “Most likely chemical weapons,” she tweeted.

The Azov Battalion said the Russian drone had dropped a “poisonous substance” on Ukrainian troops and civilians in Mariupol, saying people were suffering from respiratory and neurological problems.

The AFP agency was unable to independently verify these claims.

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