Income Statement 2021-22: how to request the Labor Life report from your mobile

The work life report of a worker is a document that collects the history of the situations of registration and cancellation of that user in Social Security, as well as the detail of their contributions. It is necessary information to know what you have contributed and the benefits that will correspond to you when making your Income Tax Return 2021-22.

online work life

In many cases it is sent directly from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, but if you do not have it, you can easily get it electronically, from a computer or directly from your mobile.

For it There are up to four ways to request themwhich are the following according to what they tell us from the OCU, the Organization of Consumers and Users.

The first is andGo to the Social Security page and select there the option “Work life report”. It is usually among the most viewed pages, as it is one of the outstanding procedures. From here are the 4 mentioned ways:

Apply for online work life for Income 2021-22

1- Obtain working life without a certificate

Among the options that appear to carry out this procedure, This and the SMS option are the easiest to manage from the mobile. If you do not have any digital identification system, you can select access to the “Without certificate” service. You will access a form, which you must fill in with your data.

Once this is done, Social Security sends the reports requested through this service by post to the address of the applicant that appears in the databases of the General Treasury of the Social Security. In addition to your personal data, you must have your Social Security affiliation number at hand.

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2- Via SMS text message

You can also do it via SMS (simple from the mobile). You will have to fill a form and it is necessary that the data on that form coincide exactly with those registered in the Social Security Database. If any of the data does not match, you will be told so, but if all the data is correct, the system will send an SMS message to your mobile phone with an access code that you can enter and that will allow you to download the report in pdf format at the moment.

As in the previous caseit is important to have your Social Security affiliation number at hand: If you don’t know what it is, you can look it up on your health card, ask at your health center or consult a payroll.

3- By electronic certificate

More complex than the previous two, if you have the electronic digital signature certificate issued by the AEATyou can also get your work life report.

In this case, you must select Social Security websitethe option to access the work life report with “Electronic certificate”. Once the certificate has been recognised, you will be able to download the pdf of your work life report in PDF format from the Social Security page. Remember: This option is only possible directly from a computer where you have the certificate installed.

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4- Through [email protected] PIN

The most complex and at the same time complete of the fourit is possible to obtain your work life report with the [email protected] PIN. For this you must first have the [email protected] app downloaded for mobile phones of the Tax Agency from Google Play (para Android) or from the App Store (para iPhone).

Enter the DNI and the expiration or issue date or the support number if it is a NIE. The APP sends you to the Tax Agency where you must request the “Letter of Invitation”: After a few days you will receive a letter by post at your address containing the secure 16-digit CSV code, with which you can complete the registration.

Online procedures by mobile

Once the process is finished You will receive an SMS informing you that you are registered. This is a basic level record, which allows you to carry out certain procedures before the Administration electronically, and it is enough to request the report on your working life at Social Security. The application generates three-digit codes that are needed to make the request.

Once the registration is complete, on the Social Security website, do the following

  1. Access the report of working life with [email protected]. It will redirect you to the [email protected] website, where you have to enter your DNI.
  2. Choose “Use the [email protected] PIN App to obtain the PIN (recommended)”.
  3. Enter the code and PIN provided by the APP and you will be able to download the report on your working life in PDF format on the Social Security website
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Request [email protected]

Once you have the activation code received by letter during the registration process above, you can also request the [email protected] permanent”. It is a system similar to the previous one, but instead of resorting to random codes, you will always identify yourself with the same username and password. In order to activate your [email protected] Permanente user, you will be asked for your DNI/NIE number, the activation code that you obtained during registration, and the email address that you provided during said registration.

You must also have the mobile phone that you indicated when you registered, as they will send you an SMS with a numerical verification code (OTP) that you must enter, and then enter your desired password and finish with the activation of your Permanent [email protected] user .

On the Social Security website, in this case, you must select the option to access the work life report with “Username + Password”. It redirects you to the [email protected] website, in the permanent password area, where you must enter the username (DNI) and the chosen password. As in the previous case, from the Social Security page you can download the work life report in PDF format at the moment.