The series The Last of Us traces scenes from the video game in the new video clips of the shooting

The series based on The Last of Usthe popular videogame saga of Naughty Dog which is currently in full shooting with Pedro Pascal Y Bella Ramsey as the main protagonists (in the roles of Joel and Ellie, respectively), continues with its production in different exterior shots, an ideal opportunity to enjoy the great setting that this blockbuster of HBO Max. So much so, that in recent leaked videos of the shooting we can see both characters in action through scenes that seem to be taken directly from the first video game.

This is how Joel and Ellie fight in live action

Thus, and as we have seen in previous leaked video clips from the shooting of exteriors, this time we can see once again the recreation of a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh in which both Joel and Ellie will have to face all kinds of enemies, from infected to transformed clickers, as well as groups of bandits who will try to finish them off through urban ruins.

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Good proof of this are the following two video clips shared by The Last of Us TV account and that show us a particular scene that practically trace one of the first installment from The Last of Us. Even in the video a small window has been added with the scene in question from the video game by way of comparison. And the result could not be more promising.

At the moment there is no specific release date for the series based on The Last of Us on HBO Max, although those responsible hope to issue the ten episodes of a first season scheduled for some time in 2023. Let us remember that at the end of 2021 Neil Druckmann announced that he was ending his work on the series.

Source | The Last of Us TV