Austrian chancellor seeks to obtain humanitarian corridors in Ukraine

The head of the Austrian government, Karl Nehammer, will seek during his visit to Russia to obtain the implementation of humanitarian corridors in Ukraine, but he does not expect “a miracle”.

This was reported this Monday (04.11.2022) by the Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Schallenberg. The message to convey to Vladimir Putin is that “we want the war to end, we want humanitarian corridors, we want international humanitarian organizations to be able to carry out their work,” the diplomat said.

“We cannot stop moving every stone in the face of this humanitarian disaster,” he added upon arriving for a meeting of European foreign ministers in Luxembourg, focused on discussing the situation in Ukraine and the eventual adoption of new sanctions against Russia.

Nehammer, said Schallenberg, “does not have a European mandate” for the visit and the trip to Moscow is “a personal initiative” decided after his talks in kyiv with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky.

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However, the head of Austrian diplomacy admitted that “no one expects a miracle.”

Nehammer will be the first European leader to meet Putin in Moscow since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

The trip to Moscow is “a mission at risk,” Nehammer had admitted on Sunday, when he stressed that a “window of dialogue” had been opened.

“Any voice that makes President Putin understand what reality is like outside the Kremlin walls is not a lost voice,” he stressed.

Schallenberg said on Monday he felt “extremely shocked by the war crimes committed in Ukraine. All those responsible for these crimes must be brought to justice, including President Putin. There must be no exceptions.”

Nehammer’s trip to Moscow is made “in consultation with Berlin” and after informing the presidents of the European institutions, Schallenberg said.

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