WWII grenade found during potato harvest in New Zealand

Workers at a potato chip factory in New Zealand found an object that appeared to be a completely muddy potato on the conveyor belt. However, it turned out to be a training grenade from the WWII.

Night shift employees at the Mr. Chips factory in East Tamaki, a suburb of Auckland, said about 28 tons of russet potatoes were delivered to the facility directly from a farm.

One of the workers, named Richard Teurukura, was watching the conveyor belt in the “potato receiving area” of the factory when he noticed the muddy potato. The operator cleaned the tubercle and showed it to one of his colleagues, who automatically assured that it was a pomegranate.

“At first it looked a lot like a muddy potato”Ronald Spitaels, director of operations at the Mr. Chips factory, told Stuff. “The guys were really calm and collected, they reacted in an extremely professional way”he added.

The workers immediately called the police and they called in the bomb disposal team of the New Zealand Defense Force to investigate the case. Experts determined that the object was a Mills bomb, a hand grenade common during World War II.

The grenade was X-rayed and fortunately it was found that the projectile was inactive and had probably been used for practice and training purposes. Spitaels assured that it was the first incident of this type in the 30 years that the factory has had.

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