The “reincarnation” of Manuel Velasco in the children of Anahí

Manuel Velasco Bridge, the firstborn, arrived in January 2017. Both shared it on their social networks and thanked their followers for their congratulations. The family was growing and the new member captured the attention of the press and the Mexican political society since his debut on Instagram.

The photos of Manuelito, with blue eyes and blonde hair, generated thousands of likes, as did those of Emiliano, who was born in February 2020, who also inherited his father’s eyes and light hair.

Manuel Velasco
Manuel Velasco

When comparing the photos of the Chiapas politician with those of his two children, it is impossible not to notice the enormous resemblance he has with his offspring, although Anahí was also a blonde girl with light eyes. The senator of the green party has taken pains to share with his children the equestrian and ranch traditions of his family, in Chiapas, such as horseback riding and the typical clothing of the south of the country.

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