Expert reveals what Queen Elizabeth II thought about Donald Trump’s serious protocol error

The Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom “I would have very much enjoyed” Donald Trump’s error of protocol during a visit that the then president of the United States made to the British monarch at Windsor Castle in 2018, royal expert Hugo Vickers told the British newspaper. Express.

“I understand that you really enjoyed your meeting with [el presidente] Trump. And when he went to have tea with her at Windsor Castle, she kept him there for another 10 or 15 minutes.”Vickers said.

“Maybe she was just having fun with him, but he would have been terribly excited to see her. But I think, especially on her second visit, her state visit, I understand from people who know her that she thought he behaved really very well, he pointed. And it was actually quite a success.

Although those who witnessed the former president’s blunder during the meeting assumed that the act would offend the queen, Vickers says that the queen would have found any protocol issue amusing and that “enjoyed your meeting” with the.

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Experts criticized Donald Trump's protocol error with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.  (Photo: AFP)
Experts criticized Donald Trump’s protocol error with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. (Photo: AFP)

Trump’s protocol error

Trump was invited to tea with the monarch at Windsor Castle at the end of his UK visit, which he had initially been told by then-Prime Minister Theresa May would be a full state visit. However, this was not the case and in 2019 an invitation was sent to Trump to participate in a formal state visit.

In Windsor, Trump and then First Lady Melania Trump were greeted by Elizabeth II and the president was invited to inspect a guard of honor on the castle esplanade. It was during this briefing of the troops that Trump was accused of offending the monarch by walking in front of her.

“Normally, when the honor guard was reviewed, it would be Prince Philip, who would take the visiting head of state to inspect the troops. He wasn’t there, so the queen took over. And in a sense, It looked like Trump stood in front of her and she was trying to move him.”Vickers said.

“But she I would have enjoyed all that very muchI assure”he concluded.

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