What’s new in the latest iWork update

If you thought that Apple does not have office applications, you are very wrong. Of course, many users choose to trust Microsoft’s office software, but that doesn’t stop other users from using ‘home’ apps. The company tries to update its package every so often, and this time Apple has taken about six months to give a new update to its users.

What’s new in iWork

Pages, Keynote and Numbers make up the bulk of the iWork applications and are the ones that have received these new features. In case you didn’t know them, they are equivalent to Word, PowerPoint and Excel respectively and have different functions with which they can compete perfectly. They have recently received updates that you should know about if you are a user of the applications.

For example, the read aloud feature called VoiceOver has received new capabilities to improve the accessibility of the application. On the one hand, the word processor has new reading options for comments, while the spreadsheet has received a new way of creating formulas and filling cells with the accessibility function.

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no exit from Numbers, New functions dedicated to the more aesthetic aspect have appeared with the option to take screenshots of cells without formulas in addition to adjusting the font size of up to two decimal places.

If we focus on the section Pages ya Up to 2GB of content can be uploaded directly to Apple Books as well as more options for page numbers and font size settings. Also, if you enter from your iOS application there are new quick start options

The rest of the iWork news goes to Keynote, the company’s slideshow app. Here we find a slight novelty in which users will have the opportunity to enlarge the slides much more, up to 400% and, as if that were not enough, they will be able to configure the font size more precisely.