Driver refuses to open the door for a woman and she has no better idea than to climb off the bus

On more than one occasion, people have experienced the discomfort of not getting on public transport vehicles on time, either because they did not stop or were full. On Argentina, a passenger did not care that the bus driver had closed the door and practically climbed out of the unit. The photo was taken viral on Twitter and here we tell you the history.

The incident occurred at the corner of Allende and Sáenz Peña, in Córdoba, Argentina and the journalist Ignacio Cadario was in charge of publishing the photograph on his Twitter account. According to the image, a woman climbs on the running board of the bus of the urban transport company ERSA Córdoba and travels climbing on it.

“People cannot get on the bus wherever they want. The ERSA Córdoba driver did not open the door because the woman wanted to get up on the corner, she got up the same way, if she opened it because of the flight she would fall, ”she wrote.

The image went viral in a few minutes and most users criticized the fearful action of the passenger.

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After the case went viral, the company ERSA Córdoba ruled on what happened and indicated that the units only pick up passengers at authorized stops, according to Vía País.

“The person who appears in the image tries to get on the street in front of a traffic light to a bus in service, with the dangers that this implies for his safety and that of the rest of the passers-by,” he indicated on his Twitter account.

Then he added: “The driver, in his correct handling of the situation, did not open the door since this would have involved harm to the person in question, I try to get him down to continue with his work. We remember, by municipal ordinance, the ascent and descent of passengers is at authorized stops.

Colectivo is the name given in Argentina to passenger transport vehicles and this, in turn, is one of the most used means in that country, according to Billiken. The main difference with buses is their smaller size.

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This means of transportation is also called “bondi” and is an Argentine invention that dates back to the 1920s.