Dani Carvajal, a champion of everything with the soul of PC Gamer


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Daniel Carvajal (January 11, 1992) He has won everything with his club. Out of the quarry Real Madrid, and after a first step to become a professional in the Bayer Leverkusenthe natural right back from Leganés is one of the franchise players of the current leader of LaLiga. European Champion four times (few can say that, but that’s what playing for Real Madrid has to do) the white defender is part of that not-so-new generation of players who are no longer famous for their night outings, as was the case with the great stars of the 1990s, but he dedicates his free time -among other things- to the video game. He has recently made the leap to gaming on a laptop with the Raider GE66 de MSIa machine with the highest performance to play wherever you are.

It may be a coincidence, but the first memory of Daniel Carvajal with the world of digital entertainment is connected precisely with a game that came out the same year it was born: Super Mario Kart. “My first contact with the world of videogames comes from when I was on my grandparents’ plot; there they had a super nintendo and played at Mario Kart“Those first bars, on a small tube TV sharing afternoons with family, were only the beginning of what would be the side’s gamer trajectory, which he could make the leap to the online world.

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“Since that first contact, I have always been playing video games, but it was in adolescence when I began to delve into some more complete proposals that offered something different, being able to play and compete online,” he says. Carvajal, who adds that since then he has always played. Your favorite video games of him? It will come as no surprise that Madrid’s starting right-back for the last decade has preferences “for soccer games, which have been my passion; but also shooters, like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield o Battlefront“.

Delve into the PC: from Counter Strike to Destiny


In fact, it was Counter Strikethe competitive first-person shooter from Valvethe fact that consolidated Carvajal as a PC player. “It was at that age, in my teens, when they bought me a gaming PC and I got into this title.” “I think that between consoles and PC today the difference is quite remarkable in almost everything in favor of the computer; I will not deny that sometimes I play some titles on PC with a controller because it is more comfortable for me, but at the resolution level, rate of framerate and others the difference is very noticeable”.

At the moment, Carvajal is playing “Call of Duty Warzone, FIFA, Destiny 2…to what I can though Now that I am a father, I have less time.“. Video games, for the player of the Real Madridthey are a way of power “spending time with friends, completing quests, doing goals and more“. The side he plays about five or six hours a weekespecially “after the games, it’s hard to fall asleep”.

For Carvajalplaying video games brings him many benefits in his day-to-day life: “It’s an important hobby for me, It amuses me, it allows me to be with friends and have a good time even though we’re not closesince between games, breaks and trips it is not that I have much time”.

Fixed in all editions of FIFA

Dani Carvajal, a champion of everything with the soul of PC Gamer


One of his passions, as he said at the beginning, are football games. So you must know if Dani Carvajal likes the average he has in FIFA or it happens to him like some players who have complained about his statistics. “We always complain, we look better than what it says on the box, but ok: I understand that it must not be easy to calibrate each stat of thousands of players,” he says. Yes indeed, Dani fully trust him and he always starts when he plays, even if he “had 15 stats in all sections.” Other sports titles he plays are the NBA 2Kwhere you create your own character with your friends and try to enjoy as a team.

The world of streaming for the professional player

Communication and the way of interacting in today’s world has changed radically in the last five years, and more and more players are aware of that. “I think the world of streaming today is a very important source of information, a ‘boom’ that allows us to bring anyone closer to our reality, such as our passion for video games“, considers Carvajalwhich adds: “It’s a pretty cool way to get closer to a like-minded community.“. The player is aware that being active it can be difficult to combine these two worlds – he started doing some streams during the pandemic – but he considers that once he retires it will be “a good time to do it more often, and be able to do everything: interact, make talks… There are so many possibilities that it’s exciting”.

At 30 years old, Carvajal admits being a regular consumer of content on Youtube and on Twitchfollowing various streamers including guildmates like “The Kun, it’s so much fun“, as well as not ruling out “participating in events” like the ones we’ve recently seen on Twitch if given the chance.

Carvajal’s laptop: maximum performance to take everywhere

Dani Carvajal, a champion of everything with the soul of PC Gamer


PC gamer for most of his life, Carvajal has made the leap to Laptop PC with the MSI Raider GE66, a real portable beast with an NVIDIA RTX 3080Ti 16GB graphics card, an Intel Core i7 12700H and 32GB of DDR5 RAM. all with a TB SSD encased in a sleek, compact and with 15.6-inch screen with QHD resolution and refresh rate up to 240hz. “It really goes like a shot, it allows you to play and stream at the same time with a good integrated camera and everything being able to play the maximum possible performance of the best games”, he points out.

Carvajal celebrate being able to have a high-end laptop of this type, especially due to the fact that it can be carried everywhere without sacrificing performance. “For me it is key to be able to carry the laptop in the suitcase and not take up space, being able to play at optimal quality and power; the people who travel, like the players, we appreciate it, “he relates.

And all of this allows play and compete with teammates or selection, where the young rise strong. “It is true that many play, where we share the most is in concentrations with the National Team, where we spend good times in the rooms. Yes indeed, young people are strong, it shows that they have grown from small with online games yes it is true that they give us a lot of trouble”, he laughs.

Dani Carvajal, a champion of everything with the soul of PC Gamer


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