The power of the drug mafia – Cocaine and the Netherlands

Cocaine trafficking has increased organized crime in the Netherlands. A key witness and his lawyer are murdered, as is a journalist in the center of Amsterdam.

The drug mafia earns millions of euros and is increasingly violent.

For years the Dutch authorities believed they had this so-called “Mocro” mafia under control, but particularly after the murder of the journalist, Peter R. de Vries, it became clear that organized crime already threatens the very foundations of the Netherlands. “It is a war for power and by billions. It is about killing in order not to be killed,” said the well-known Dutch lawyer, Vito Shukrula.

For years, the smuggling of cocaine through the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg has increased dramatically. Thanks to their millionaire profits for the gangs, which operate mainly from the Netherlands, it is easy for them to bribe key officials in the authorities and ports. A crane operator in the port can earn €100,000 just for lifting a container to a certain position.

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For years investigators have tracked down illegal activities using every possible method. In several raids they found weapons, huge amounts of drugs and arrested numerous suspects.

Since March 2021, the largest criminal trial in the history of the Netherlands has been taking place in Amsterdam. In the so-called “Trial of Marengo” drug traffickers accused of murders sit on the bench. They are accused of acts of unimaginable violence and a criminal network that challenges all levels of the State. The report accompanies the investigators in the port of Rotterdam and the lawyers who defend these members of the mafia. He also meets people who worked as “mules” and the journalist Peter R. de Vries, who was later assassinated. It is a story of violence and corruption.

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