App Renta 2021-22: how does it work and how is it used to file the return?

If you choose to present the Income online, you have from yesterday April 6 to June 30 to present the 2021 Income and 2021 Heritage declarationwhich means that from this week you can already make the Rent, send it and not wait for the last day in 3 months.

And you also have several ways, from doing it online to by phone or at an office of the Tax Agency -these last two with the help of an AEAT employee. But there is also one: by mobile. The Tax Agency has an official application for Android and iOS that allows us to make the declaration from the same mobile phone.

Submit the 2021 Income Tax Return by mobile

Substitute for the FATHER programthe app tries to make the process of making the Rent as simple -or less complicated- as possible and allows us to access new services where identification is required, such as the access to our tax data, consultation of personal income tax returns from previous years or the presentation of the return or the query of the processing status, in addition to personalized notices that will allow you to receive push notifications related to your returns in the application.

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Certain procedures that do not require user identification are also accessible, such as the comparison of information or the presentation of documentation in a telematic register. This prevents us from having to go physically to one of the Treasury offices -and lose a day of our own affairs at work because of it, since we can manage everything from the telephone itself.

Section 1: Install the app

You can install or access the “Tax Agency” App simply scanning the QR code of this link, or using one of the links below. The app needs a minimum operating system Android version 6.0 the superior, the iOS version 11 the top:

Section 2: Request the 2021 Income draft by mobile

Using the Tax Management application it is possible to generate the draft for Income 2020, -but also through a page called Renta WEB managed by the Ministry of Finance. Once you have the app installed on your mobile, from the “Renta 2020” option You will see how different procedures are enabled for you to carry out:

  • Processing draft/declaration: calculates the most favorable type of personal income tax return for that taxpayer (individual or joint) and displays the summary fields: the result of the return, the IBAN of the bank account, the Autonomous Community and the tax allocation. You can preview the PDF return and file with one click.
  • Tax data: shows the list of concepts that contain fiscal data for that taxpayer.
  • Processing status: allows you to check the processing status of a 2020 Income Tax return.
  • See statements from previous years: allows you to download the PDF document with the income tax return for the latest available years.
  • Appointment: The different options for requesting an appointment will be enabled. As of May 4, you can request an appointment for the “We call you” plan and from May 27, for face-to-face attention in offices.
  • Ratification of fiscal domicile: allows you to consult and modify the habitual address that has been previously ratified, when accessing the Income services that request this confirmation.

Section 3: Other functions of the Income 2021 app

Outside the Income 2020 menu, you have these options:

  • Previous exercises: for each one of them, access is offered to the status of the declaration, filed declarations, draft / declaration processing, fiscal data and Income services.
  • RENØ (Reference Management): Using the “See reference” option, you can view the last reference with which you have identified yourself in the application. Also from this same section you can check the mobile devices on which the consulted user is active.
  • Notices: For the management of personalized notices for the user and news through push notifications in the app.
  • Other services: Access to other services of the Electronic Office, such as collation of documents, presentation of documents related to a notification and the taxpayer’s calendar.
  • Contact us: All channels of contact and communication with the Tax Agency.