There will be Nick Fury for a while according to Samuel L Jackson

The actor has confirmed that we will not stop seeing him play Nick Fury

It is very curious that one of the most beloved characters in Marvel and the MCU is one that does not have superpowers. It is even more curious that the actor who is in charge of interpreting him is one of the most requested many times and it is that his experience in front of the cameras has made him consecrate himself as one of the best actors of the 21st century. This actor is Samuel L. Jackson and Nick Fury’s portrayal of him.

Nick Fury is the head of SHIELD and basically what he does is rule over all the superheroes. We have seen him in the main MCU movies and he was the one who developed the Avengers initiative. The actor has repeatedly confirmed his love for the role of Nick Fury. He is a huge fan of comics and in various interviews he has mentioned that he keeps up to date with what is going on in the world of comics.

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“I love Nick Fury. Let’s see, how can I not do it if he’s great. He’s the only one there among all those superheroes who doesn’t have any kind of power. Best of all, he is the one they respect the most.”

These were the statements by Samuel L. Jackson when asked in a recent interview how he felt about his character. Really after more than ten years playing the same role we understand that you have to have a great affection for it.

“Being in a world like this as an adult is amazing. I really like being a part of this, something I’ve loved since I was a kid.” With this it has become clear to us that both Nick Furia and Samuel L. Jackson will continue on the screen for many more years.