Google also joins the fashion of reactions in its Documents

Anyone who wants a free alternative to Word can find it on the Internet. It is not difficult to find them at all, especially if you are a Google user. And it is that with your Gmail account you will have access to all the applications offered by the company, including Documents. The best thing is that you can use it with more people live and very soon you will have a feature to react to selected text parts in a file.

Yes, Documents will have reactions

It is a fact that emojis are a very important part of communication for all users. They can be put alone in a conversation or accompanied by a text that helps to understand the situation or at least the spirit with which you say it to a person. But these have also appeared in another section of social networks, replacing traditional Likes with a series of emotions that you can use to indicate if you like a content, care about it or annoy you, among other options.

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What happens is that this feature is increasingly present in other programs and in this case it’s time to talk about Google Documents. The application currently has a comment system with which users can communicate and put their thoughts on a paragraph or some corrections, pBut soon this will be complemented by new relationships.

In the image it is clear that the company intends that users can select any section of the document in front of them and add a comment. But instead they can place an emoji that will later be placed on the right side of the document as it happens with the comments that work so far.

This function is still in the testing phase and the company may take a while to launch them for everyone.

The fever of reactions

Google is the latest to join the reaction trend. This is a curious move by the firm, which could well have done it from its social network if it still worked. But in his case, the decision is to place this feature within an app in which impressions also count, especially if the work is done by several people.