BTS: What V whispered to Olivia Rodrigo at the 2022 Grammys

The Grammy Awards 2022 will be remembered in various ways, but fans of bts Surely they have been left with an image in their heads as the highlight of the entire gala. It is about the moment in which the South Korean band was making a presentation and one of the members interacted in a very peculiar way with Olivia Rodrigo.

Kim Tae-hyung, better known as V throughout the army, had previously mentioned that he wanted to see the former Disney star and it seems that he fulfilled his dream in front of the cameras on world television. And it is that the young Asian spoke to the ear of the actress, generating the jealousy of all her fans.

But that was not all because the reaction of Olivia Rodrigo He also drew a lot of attention because he made gestures of great surprise after hearing V’s words, which have been a mystery since last Sunday, causing the curiosity of all the followers of the South Korean band at the time.

V whispered something to Olivia Rodrigo during the BTS presentation (Photo: Grammys 2022)
V whispered something to Olivia Rodrigo during the BTS presentation (Photo: Grammys 2022)


As expected, the interaction between the two young artists generated a lot of curiosity and caused some rumours, so the group’s fans expressed their desire to know what they talked about in front of the cameras and what would have motivated such a reaction from Olivia Rodrigo .

It is so on the platform weverse, during a typical broadcast of questions and answers with his fans, the singer and dancer spoke about what happened at the Grammys gala. Moreover, he was encouraged to reveal what he said to the 19-year-old American.

“The interaction was great, beautiful and sad. It was about important business. You know how it is among professionals. And I didn’t even say it in English.”said the artist, who implies that at that moment he felt nervous and his first reaction was to speak in his native language, which is not understood by Olivia.

Although there was no good communication between the two, both denoted a great professional ability to act in front of cameras in the best possible way and generate the impressions of the entire public.


The popular acronym is an abbreviation of Bangtan Sonyeondan, which translated into Spanish is Boy Scouts bulletproof, a band South Korea which has as members Kim Nam-joon, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yoon-gi, Jung Ho-seok, Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung, and Jeon Jung-kook.

The seven young people debuted in 2013 and are the first K-pop band to top Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, thanks to their single dynamite; Likewise, they are creditors of a Guinness record for having the largest number of attendees in a virtual concert.

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