Facebook launches a new way to share Reels

Reels are a very important part of Instagram today. It is currently the most used function of the company, and Meta has already implemented it in its main social network. There are many efforts by the firm to stay afloat and for that it will use a new function with which it will be possible share content to Facebook Reels.

You can now share external content on Facebook Reels

Facebook has decided that Reels should also be part of Facebook. The social network has to keep up with news that it also brings from its sisters and hopes that it will work in the same way for the public that it works with it every day. And Menlo Park knows that it has to stock it with novelties so that users continue to use it.

And it is that now Facebook has a function with which you can share videos from external sources. But the movement is most curious because the company has not integrated this button in the most popular social networks, but in others in which it also makes a lot of sense to use multimedia content.

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From what was seen in the company’s promotional video, the platforms with this feature are Smule, Vita and VivaVideo, focused on the most creative and artistic users. In fact, the only thing these users could do was download the video and re-upload it directly from the Facebook Reels app.

Now we just have to wait for the Menlo Park company to activate this function to start uploading videos to the social network quickly and directly. In addition, it will be available for iOS and Android, so users will have this feature at hand while waiting to be integrated into other platforms.