“Warrior Heart”: Alejandra Espinoza confesses how her son and husband react to their love scenes in the soap opera

The new TelevisaUnivision production entitled “Warrior heart” has managed to catch the public with the broadcast of its first chapters. The soap opera was released on March 28 and features the leading role of the actress and television presenter, Alexandra Espinoza. Precisely, she revealed the reaction of her husband and her little son to see some of her love scenes in the famous drama.

The soap opera “Warrior heart“, produced by Salvador Mejia, It has started on the right foot and has received the applause of the public during its first episodes. It should be noted that the Mexican drama also includes the participation of Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco, Rodrigo Guirao and Christian of the Camplike the Guerrero brothers, as well as Altair Jaraboamong others.

The actresses Altair Jarabo and Alejandra Espinoza star in the telenovela "Warrior Heart" (Photo: Altair Jarabo / Instagram)
The actresses Altair Jarabo and Alejandra Espinoza star in the telenovela “Warrior Heart” (Photo: Altair Jarabo / Instagram)

Precisely, Altair Jarabo She has become one of the best friends of Alexandra Espinozawho a few days ago received criticism from a journalist regarding her work as an actress.

Despite this, Alexandra Espinoza she has two of her best fans who are her husband, Hannibal Marrero and to his son Matteowho support her in her acting career and, in addition, do not miss an episode of “Warrior heart”.

"Warrior Heart" stars actress Alejandra Espinoza (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)
“Warrior Heart” stars actress Alejandra Espinoza (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)


This is one of the big questions that thousands of fans of the actress ask themselves Alexandra Espinoza. Given this, the Univisión portal revealed the confession made by the famous protagonist of “Warrior heart”.

It must be taken into account that in every telenovela there are always some romantic scenes that are characterized by hugs and kisses.

This is something that the actress would also have had to do, who through a video revealed what her husband and son say about these scenes.

He (my husband) is not jealous because I am not jealous either, not at all. We talk a lot and we have good communication, there is no reason to be jealous”, he expressed.

Alejandra Espinoza and her husband Aníbal Marrero (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)
Alejandra Espinoza and her husband Aníbal Marrero (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)

When asked if his son watched all the episodes of the telenovela, Espinoza made it clear that he only shows him some scenes from “Warrior heart“Although she also noted that Matteo makes fun of her for some scenes she performs, such as when she cries for everything.

I know what’s going to happen in each chapter, I know what you can see and what you can’t see. The first episode I knew it was super healthy and I knew he could see it”, he specified.

Alejandra Espinoza in the soap opera "Warrior Heart" (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)
Alejandra Espinoza in the soap opera “Warrior Heart” (Photo: Alejandra Espinoza / Instagram)


“Corazón Guerrero” made its debut on the screens of Las Estrellas on Monday, March 28 at 4:30 pm, with which it will continue throughout the week.

“Each heartbeat claims its rights, each light carries its shadow, each family keeps a secret, each passion resonates in the soul and in each fight the most powerful weapon is love,” says the voiceover that accompanies the first promotional video of the telenovela starring Alejandra Espinoza.


  • Alejandra Espinoza as Mariluz Garcia
  • Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco as Jesus Sanchez Guerrero
  • Altaír Jarabo as Carlota Ruiz-Montalvo Peñalver
  • Oka Giner as Domenica Ruiz-Montalvo Peñalver
  • Christian de la Campa as Samuel Sanchez Guerrero
  • Rodrigo Guirao as Damian Sanchez Guerrero
  • Diego Olivera as Augusto Ruiz-Montalvo
  • Sabine Moussier as Victoriana Peñalver de Ruiz-Montalvo
  • Rene Casados ​​as Heriberto Villalba
  • Joshua Gutierrez as Federico Duarte Ruiz-Montalvo
  • Manuel Ojeda as Abel
  • Aleida Nunez as Selena Recuero
  • Ana Martin as Concepcion “Conchita” Garcia
  • Natalia Esperón as Guadalupe Garcia
  • Karena Flores as Emma Ruiz-Montalvo Peñalver
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