Morbius 2 Excites the Future of Marvel and the Spider-Man Universe

What future does Morbius 2 have? Apparently, more than we think. And very exciting for the Marvel movies and the Spider-Man Universe.

In an interview given to The Hollywood Reporter, Adria Arjonastar of the first installment starring Jared Letotalked about the future of his character from Marvel in the franchise Universo Spider-Man. a possible Morbius 2? She played the doctor Martine Bancroft. The actress said she felt very excited to know where her character will go. She is questioning whether she will decide to do good or, on the contrary, follow the path of evil and become some kind of villain.

«I read the script the first time and I got to that moment«, said Adria Arjona, speaking about the end of the film. «She was very excited because everything changed for her suddenly. She adds many questions about her future. I’m excited to see where Martine Bancroft goes. Knowing what she has become, I want to know if she will go for good or will she choose evil. Will you have trouble finding a happy medium? What happens to him? I’m just as curious as the fans«. As you can see, she is very excited about the possibility that Marvel and the Spider-Man Universe will give Spider-Man a chance. Morbius 2.

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Adria Arjona is looking forward to playing a vampire in the sequel!

The actress also recalled reading a few comics featuring her character as a vampire. She felt very excited. She recalled the moment when she called her agent on the phone. She was sure that she would play a vampire in Morbius 2If that Sony Pictures Entertainment decides to go ahead with this Marvel franchise belonging to the Spider-Man Universe, waiting for confirmation to Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield O Tobey Maguire As the Spiderman from this world.

«I read the comics, because I figured there would be something about my character. They didn’t send me the script at first, so I researched it on my own.“explained the actress. «I thought, ‘Oh look. She changes. Martine Bancroft becomes a vampire. I remember calling my agent, excited, and saying, ‘Oh my God! I think she could become a vampire in this first movie or in Morbius 2’. That last one was even more exciting.«. It seems that while not everyone is rooting for these Marvel adaptations, the Spider-Man Universe is making inroads. The first installment has already grossed 80 million worldwide.

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