FNMT Certificate: how to download and install on PC to present the Income Tax Return

As soon as spring arrives, so does Holy Week, the Seville Fair, El Rocío, etc. But something else is also coming. Something that every Spanish citizen must do once a year: The income statement. And in this 2022, this week you will already be able to present the exercise corresponding to 2021, having several ways to complete it and in various ways:

By phone

If you’re not good at it, if it seems like gibberish to you and you want a handfrom May 3 to June 29 you can request an appointment by phone to the Tax Agency so that an employee can call you and help you complete it by phone. You have from May 5 to June 30 to present it following this modality.

In the office

From May 26 to June 29, you can request an appointment in person at the Tax Agency so that the staff can help you complete it by going to their offices. You have from June 1 to 30 to present it following this modality.

Via Internet

If you choose to present the Income online, you have from April 6 to June 30 to present the 2021 Income and 2021 Heritage declarationwhich means that from this week you can already make the Rent, send it and not wait for the last day in 3 months.

But if you are going to do it online, there is something you need: the NFMT certificate.

FNMT Certificate of Natural Person

The FNMT Digital Certificate of Natural Person is “the electronic certification issued by the FNMT-RCM that links its subscriber with Signature verification data and confirms their identity”. This certificate, also known as Citizen or User Certificate, is a digital document that contains your identification data. In other words: it will allow you to identify yourself online to carry out the process.

The FNMT is a digital signature that is installed in the browser to guarantee your identity on the Internet and that allows you to carry out procedures from your computer, mobile device or tablet in our Electronic Office and in that of other organizations that also allow it. When you access a procedure that requires an electronic certificate, a window will appear on the screen to be able to choose the appropriate certificate and continue with the procedure.

When you have the FNMT certificate you can choose to do these procedures online:

  • Filing and settlement of taxes
  • Presentation of appeals and claims
  • Completion of data from the population and housing census
  • Consultation and registration in the municipal register
  • Consultation of traffic fines
  • Consultation and procedures for requesting grants
  • Polling station assignment query
  • Reported actions
  • Electronic signature of official documents and forms

How can the FNMT certificate be obtained?

Officially there are several different ways to obtain the Digital Certificate of Natural Person:

Method 1: As a downloadable file

Obtaining the FNMT as a downloadable file has the inconvenience of having to go to a physical office to validate it. And the entire process of requesting and obtaining the certificate must be done from the same computer, with the same user and not format the computer between the request and the download of the certificate. These are the steps you must follow to obtain an electronic certificate in software support, in the case of the National Currency and Stamp Factory:

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  • Paragraph 1: Pre-request configuration
  • Section 2: Certificate request via Internet.
  • Section 3: Proof of identity before any of the registry offices established by the Certification Authority. The documentation that must be provided in the accreditation will depend on the type of electronic certificate requested.
  • Section 4: Download the certificate from the FNMT website.
  • Section 5: Make a backup copy of the electronic certificate.

Let’s see the steps one by one:

Section 1: Pre-Application Configuration

  1. Go to the FNMT website. In the side menu you have the options for each type of certificate: Physical Person or Representative (for this last type you have a certificate of Sole or Solidarity Administratorcertificate of Representative of a Legal Entity or Representative of an Entity without Legal Personality).
  2. Select the one that applies to you.
  3. Enter the section “Preset” and consult the information offered to avoid possible errors during the process of obtaining your certificate. It indicates that you must ensure that your computer has the necessary software installed to generate keys, which can be executed in any browser and operating system.
  4. Next, download and install the “FNMT-RCM Configurator” clicking on “FNMT Configurator Download Area”.
  5. Select the option according to your operating system -be it Windows, Mac or Linux-, download it and run it.
  6. The installation is simple: Grant the necessary permissions, accept the conditions and click “Next” until it communicates that it is properly installed

Section 2: Obtaining the request code online

Enter the option “Request Certificate” where you will have to indicate the NIF or NIE of the holder of the certificate, the first surname as it appears on the identity document and an email. The request code associated with your request will be sent to this email address.

Click “Click here to consult and accept the conditions for issuing the certificate” to see the shipping conditions and accept them. Then, press “Send request”.

When the browser requires it, opens the “FNMT-RCM Configurator” window where you must enter a password to protect your certificate request. This password will be requested again at the time of downloading, it is uniquely and exclusively known by the applicant. If you forget this password you will have to start the application process again.

As a result of your request, you will see a window indicating that your request has been processed correctly and you will receive the request code in your email account.

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Only the data that does not appear in the certificate can be modified for the purposes of communication with the Certification Authority. To modify the data that appears in the certificate, it is necessary to issue a new certificate.

Section 3: Prove your identity at a Registry Office

  1. On The FNMT page has an office locator. Keep in mind that you will have to request an appointment beforehand.
  2. Download the electronic certificate (which would be Section 4)
  3. When you are already accredited, go home and download the certificate from the page of the same certifying entity in which you made the request, again providing the applicant’s NIF and the code received in their email when requesting the certificate.
  4. Remember that you must use the same computer and the same user with which you made the request.
  5. Before clicking “Download Certificate”, you must accept the conditions of use of the certificate, to do so click on the link and check the acceptance box. Then click “Download Certificate”.
  6. The key generator application will ask you to enter the password you provided at the time of the request and will ask if you want to make a backup at that time (recommended)
  7. Once the copy has been made (only in the case of having marked “Yes”), the certificate will be installed.

The most cumbersome step in the current situation, this method forces you to go to prove your identity in the recognized Registry Offices. To do this, you must bring the code that you received in your email and the necessary documentation depending on whether it is a legal or natural person.

Section 5: Get a backup copy of the certificate

If in the process of downloading the certificate you did not make a backup because you marked “No”, it is recommended that you access the certificate store of your browser and make a backup (export). You will need it if at any time you have to recover your certificate or use it on another computer

If you do not have it, the only alternative would be to request a new certificate.

Method 2: Using your DNIe

The DNIs that incorporate electronic certificates are eissued by the National Police Corps through the Ministry of the Interior. With these electronic certificates, you can carry out any procedure with the Tax Agency that requires electronic identification. You must access the National Police electronic DNI page to verify that your electronic DNI works correctly.

Currently, the FNMT offers the possibility of obtaining your natural person or representative certificate for sole and joint administrators using your electronic DNI. You must access the FNMT website > “Certificates” and within “Individual” or “Certificate of representative – Sole or joint administrator” press the option “Get DNIe Certificate “.

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Previous requirements

Before starting with the application process for your FNMT Certificate, you must make sure that your computer has the necessary software for key generation installed. FNMT-RCM CONFIGURATOR. For this process, you need the latest version of any of the following browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Microsoft EDGE



Software required for the certificate request


The National Currency and Stamp Factory has developed this application to request the keys necessary to obtain a digital certificate. It can be executed in any browser and operating system. Once the software is downloaded and installed, it is not necessary to do anything, it will run when the browser requires it.

FNMT Configurator Download Area


Electronic signature application developed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations. As it can be executed from the browser, it allows the signature in Electronic Administration pages when the signature is required in an administrative procedure.

Electronic Signature Website Download Area

Software needed to read the DNIe

To use the DNIe it is necessary to install the DNIe cryptographic software and also install the root certificates of the DNIe, on this page you can find the link:

Downloads area of ​​the electronic ID website

Electronic certificate request

  1. After installing Autofirma and reviewing the configuration, continue the process by accessing step 2. “Request with certificate”. For the example, the Mozilla Firefox browser is used.
  2. Choose the “Authentication” component and press “OK“.

    Leave “High grade” selected (in Mozilla Firefox) and click on the link to “Consult and accept the conditions for issuing the certificate”.

  3. At the bottom of the page accept the shipping conditions and click “Next”.

    leave selected “NSS Certificate DB”.

  4. Next, fill in the required information and click “OK”.
  5. A summary of the request data appears. Click “Sign.”
  6. Now You will be asked for the PIN of your electronic DNI.
  7. Now select the signature certificate.
  8. If the signature is correct, you will get a confirmation message
  9. Almost immediately, an email is received at the specified address with the request code.

Download the certificate

  1. Once the mail is received, go back to the Cert.fnmt.es website (it is no longer necessary to have the DNIe connected), and go to step 3. “Download certificate”.
  2. Enter the NIF, first surname and the code received by email and click on “Click here to consult and accept the conditions of use of the certificate”.
  3. Accept the conditions and click “Download Certificate”.
  4. A warning appears in the browser that you must accept.
  5. Finally, click on “Install certificate”. If everything is correct, a confirmation message will appear.
  6. To ensure that it has been installed, with the DNIe disconnected, go to “Options” or “Preferences” (depending on the Operating System) of Mozilla Firefox and check that in “Privacy and security” > “Certificates” > “View certificates” appears installed.