Elon Musk buys almost 10% of Twitter and asks: “Do you want an edit button?”

In a cameo in the distant Iron Man 2 -which has been 12 years no less since its premiere-, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark waving to an Elon Musk who was becoming a real-life Stark. A decade later, its Tesla cars continue to seek to be the benchmark in autonomous driving; his company Space X makes the rockets for NASA after showing them how they could overcome them with a technology that recovers the rocket and does not destroy it. And he has even made the middle class flamethrower with his The Boring Company.

Elon Musk, accionista de Twitter

As an example of its not only monetary power, one tweet on the Internet is enough for a cryptocurrency to instantly trigger its price or a company to see its share price drop. And it is that in fact Twitter is one of Musk’s favorite networks -and in which he has gotten into several troubles as well.

In 2018, he tweeted that he had raised the funds to take Tesla public if it reached $420 a share. Over time it emerged that he had not secured financing for the sale, and Musk was forced by the Securities and Exchange Commission to have Tesla’s lawyers pre-approve any tweets. about the financial health of the company, sales, delivery figures, etc.

And since this week, Twitter is also another of his businesses, since Elon Musk has acquired 9.2 shares of Twitter, which makes him the company’s largest shareholder. Following the official announcement, Twitter shares soared as much as 27% after the Musk purchase was revealed in a regulatory filing on Monday. The gain was the biggest rise in shares in the company since its first day of listing after the initial public offering in 2013.

Musk’s stake, which is almost 10% of the company, is now worth about $2.89 billion, according to the market close on Friday. Which means Musk is now 3 billion richer.

Freedom of expression

Musk has long been one of Twitter’s most prominent users and recently conducted a survey of his more than 80 million followers about the platform’s adherence to free speech. Musk had publicly questioned Twitter’s approach to free speech via a survey conducted on his Twitter account on March 25.

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“Freedom of expression is essential to the functioning of democracy. Do you think Twitter strictly adheres to this principle?the CEO asked, before noting in a subsequent tweet that “The consequences of this survey will be important.”

Edit button, yes please

Musk’s latest was a joke and at the same time a serious question, since in his last tweet, the entrepreneur has asked if we want an edit button, putting the answers wrongly written. In 13 hours, more than 2.6 million people have voted an overwhelming 73.4% yes.

The edit button is something we’ve been asking Twitter for a decade, since not being able to edit a message and having to delete and rewrite it is absurd in the middle of 2022. Twitter announced that they were working on it, but he said it on april 1st and it was an april’s fools joke. Although if now Musk, the majority shareholder of the company and with a lot of weight in the social network and influence, is talking about the edit button, it may sooner rather than later be a reality.

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